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Scube makes you impossible to forget.

With SCUBE business cards it's truly impossible to forget and you will never lose touch or miss any of your contacts ever again.

Ravi Kumar Bitra

At Scube we understand that while there is rarely anything that is broken beyond fixing, there's nothing better than a perfect first impression. Scube cards are designed to match the strength of your accomplishments and the grit of your drive. The relationship Scube shares with its users is inviolable, and that is the core of its service philosophy. Scube aims to stay current as technology glides forward, without compromising on the trust its users place in it.


The People at Scube.

At Scube, we nurture a collaborative energy that brings out the best in everyone. We prop each other up, learn from one another and try to be just a little better than we were yesterday. A team thrives where there is room for new ideas. It thrives in an environment that encourages the spirit to experiment. Scube cheers you on as you take a leap of faith.

We define "Scube" as independent and industrious.

Being versatile, capable, talented, and creative, you could excel in many fields as long as they hold your interest

Meet the team

Siva Makireddy
 CEO, Founder
Saravanan Sampathkumar
 Senior Tech Lead
Sameera Makireddy
B Sai Manohar Reddy
 Director of Finance
Shivakesh Reddy
Abhishek Bera
 Associate Director
Sai Krishna Reddy
 Vice President, Operations
 Human Resources & PR Manager
 Director- Sales and Marketing
Nitesh Jain
 Senior Mobile Developer
Prasun Raghuwanshi
 Senior Front-end Developer
Richa Jain
 Android App Developer
Sanjay Adhityan
 Product Designer
 Associate Software Engineer
Preetham Chandra
 Senior Product Designer
 Operations and Sales