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How was SCUBE Invented ?

Explore our journey through time


  • Scube was born

    Oct 2019

    Our journey started in November 2019, with the thought of how Networking can be improved. With the developing world, we could see growth in every field where visiting cards were left behind. We tried to understand the importance of Networking and came up with a digital card running on NFC technology and named it SCUBE.

  • Team Size

    Oct 2019

    We started with a small team of 5 talented individuals with a vision to take the SCUBE card to its zenith. It was a thought based on technology with a vision to spread it worldwide as Networking is an essential part of growth.

  • Scube Users

    Nov 2019

    We were successful in spreading our vision to 500 number of scube card users. The sales and feedback made us believe in our idea and the worth of intelligent Networking.


  • Growth of Scube

    Jan 2020

    Lots happened in 2020. The year has been challenging for a new business due to pandemic, but SCUBE did not lose its spark. We grew like an unstoppable branch and were successful in accomplishing our yearly goals. Based on NFC technology, we witnessed Apple coming up with an inbuilt NFC feature which was a boon for our cards, and hence our growth increased, and our cards gained more publicity and sales.

  • Team Size

    Mar 2020

    Our family grew to 15 members who shook hands in a year and didn’t let networking stop. We came up with different departments for a systematic and stable growth of the business.

  • Scube Users

    Dec 2020

    We were able to sell 3k scube cards, with the maximum number of positive feedback.


  • Scube

    Mar 2021

    Outside situations made it a little challenging, as we were stuck in lockdown scenarios with work from home. But our commendable team didn’t stop, where SCUBE CARD production kept on increasing, and our Networking grew at its best speed.

  • Team Size

    Jun 2021

    Presently, we are a team of 24 individuals working together to make Networking easy and impressive. We have a sales and marketing department with talented employees who are taking the graph higher every day. Scube life is a smart life. With this thought in our heads, we are growing every hour.

  • Scube Users

    Jun 2021

    We have touched 5k number of sales. Scube Cards have been successful in building up an overwhelming impression. Networking by just Tapping the card on your phone has impressed our users and helped them build an everlasting impression with successful business growth.




Perks and Benifits

Our employee’s happiness is our utmost priority.

Friendly workspace

Focusing on individual growth and productivity, Scube aims at providing comfortable work space environment.

Outdoor events

Team Scube organises outdoor activities and trip for their employees better engagement and mood.

Competitive Salary

Scube offers best of salary packages with extra perks and benefits for good work.

Job Openings

We are looking for dedicated individuals who want to make an impact in their specific fields.

4 openings

Senior Front-End Developer

13-January-2022.Full Time (on-site).Bangalore

Senior Software Engineer

13-January-2022.Full Time (on-site).Bangalore

Senior Software Engineer (MEAN or MERN Stack)

13-January-2022.Full Time (on-site).Bangalore

Senior Full Stack Developer

13-January-2022.Full Time (on-site).Bangalore

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Don’t see a role that fits?

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