Order, Manage & Pay through smart digital cards by Scube
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Why Choose us?

Main reasons why you will be benefited from using our product.

  • 01.

    Handle peak hours

    Your customers do not need to complain about the queue, neither for orders nor for payment

  • 02.

    Scube smart Dashboard

    Reports of orders and the Behaviour of your valued customers give you an edge in the market.

  • 03.

    Memorable Experience

    Weave is sure you will be the best solution if you want your clients to try what they forget

The Food you love

Leave your products by shopping for themselves and display their advantages in custom and non-random ways that suit the taste of each one of your customers.

Scube Smart Restaurant Dashboard

  • Give your customers a ‘no-touch’ order placing option with our digital, contactless menu cards that are one scan away.

  • Easily update and edit your food menu on-the-go or anytime without any hassle.

  • With Scube’s easy user interface, you can now offer your best service to your customers by tracking each table and viewing insights.

  • No more multitasking and navigating between multiple windows. Access all your data and manage everything in just a single window.