Smart Business Cards for Young & Creative by Scube
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The power of your Scube card

With the ability to make your Scube card share exactly what you need, the possibilities are endless.

  • Your Business card

    Business cards are a thing of the past, exchange your contact information with anyone with a smart tap.

  • Your Profile card

    Your work has the potential to take you where you need to be, make sure you share it the right way.

  • Your Social card

    When you're in the business of influence, give yourself the tool to grow your follower base with a single tap.

  • Your Music Card

    Sharing your music has to be as simple as a tap away, this is card that helps you do that.

Multiple Profiles

Your Card, Your Way.

There's really nothing like your very own Scube visiting card, and here's why.

Get recognized with a tap

Share your social media portfolio by tapping and with potential leads, get the recognition you deserve.

Very useful ! When I meet people I can share my portfolio instead of my business card, I simply tap my Scube business card to their phone and my portfolio opens up directly in their phone.

Ananya Mehta

Gain quality audience

With scube card, avoid unresourceful clout and get loyal audience that appreciate your work.

It is easy to immediately show my resume on spot, with just a tap. It’s a simple and very useful business card.

Roshni Singh

Lasting impression

Make yourself memorable to the clients by giving them easy access to your work and information for immediate references.

I don't have to worry about sending my resume across and missing email IDs. I just added my LinkedIn to my profile and when I tap SCUBE business card to a phone, it shares all the necessary information without the need of internet.

Varsha Kantamani
IT Professional

Never miss an opportunity

With scube, your contact will never be lost or thrown away. Increase space not only in your wallet, but also for connections and opportunities

I don’t have to worry about my business card being thrown away. It gets directly stored in the other person’s phone or in their Scube App. There is no way for my contact to get lost among others.

Rishad Mustafa

Choose your Scube

Pick the Scube card of your choice and take your networking to the next level.


Starting from


  • Customize Name
  • Customize Company Details

White Label

Starting from


  • Executive Feature +
  • Customize Fonts
  • Custom Logo
  • Custom Text

Social Card

Starting from


  • Any one Social Media Icon
  • Customize Font

The Scube gallery

Some of our favourite Scube card designs. Get inspiration from some of these or customize your card from scratch.

  • executive
  • white-label
  • social-card

Introducing Scube App

You can check and download our Scube app from the below given link.