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Say Hello To The New Age

Smart Business Card

Scube Digital Business Card lets you share your networking information and contact details with just a simple tap on NFC enabled Smartphones or a QR scan.

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Customize your Business Card with your brand’s color, by choosing a design that suits your business and your style.

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Why a SCUBE card?

Experience networking like never before with Scube Smart Business Cards.

Network Smarter
Network Better.

Switch seamlessly between multiple roles.

Stand out from the modest crowd of professionals.

All in one networking card
Switch profiles seamlessly
No fear of losing potential contacts
One time investment
No bulky wallets
Saves paper
Reduces cost, time and effort



Tap to share

Scube Card uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that enables you to share your networking information with a simple tap on NFC based smartphones.

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QR code -

Scan to save

Scube Card also comes with a dynamic QR code that can be scanned by any smartphone to share your networking information faster and smarter.

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Click to connect

You can also share your networking information through SMS, by sending a Dynamic URL in the message.

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Tap to share

Scube Card uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that enables you to share your information on NFC based smartphones with a simple tap.

QR code -

Scan to save

Scube Card also comes with a dynamic QR code that can be scanned by any smartphone to share your information faster and smarter.

Free SMS -

Click to connect

Is your desired connection not present in the vicinity? No problem! You can also share essential information through SMS, by sending them a Dynamic URL in the message.

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How it works

Download the Scube App, create a Business Card, update your Profile, and you’re ready to go.

Are you ready to make a lasting impression with the SCUBE Smart Business Card?

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Our Happy Customers

Check out what people have to say about us

There is no more hassle of going through hundreds of business cards! I just need my phone and I can easily share details to whoever asks me.

Linga Poorani

IT Professional

Very happy with the card! Good idea behind it! It also looks very sophisticated!

Sameel K S

Oldream pictures

Awesome innovation! Loved it!

Shahbaz K P

Marketing Assistant RedBull

With so many Vendors and Contacts, it was difficult for them to keep track. Scube card has made people remember my company because of its newness in technology.

Ronak R Jain

Owner- RK Metal House

Even if all my phone contacts get erased, my Scube contacts are safely stored in Cloud so that I can access it anytime. It is assuring to know that there is always backup

Ishfaq Ibrahim

Sulfex mattress

Loved the card! I can share information and not worry about missing an opportunity again!

Priyanka Pippalaneni

IAS Aspirant

SCUBE came as an absolute wonder to me. I just love to see my customers and other associates' reactions when I do my `magic` trick with my SCUBE visiting card. Very easy to set up and use! Keep up the work Team SCUBE!

Stalin Sabastian

Chief Senior Manager Porsche Centre, Bangalore

I don't have to reprint hundreds of business cards to make a small change in my contact details. I just have to edit the profile details on the App and tap the card to my phone. It's that simple!


A.G.M- Byg Brewski Brewing Company

Scube card is a convenient, super easy solution to pass on multiple profiles. They also show you the best business card design !

Dr. Gargi Bangar

MD (Paediatrics)

It is a convenience to have the geo-tag feature on the Scube App. Now I can find associates near me for my business. It's of great help when a visiting card transforms into a networking business card, especially during this pandemic where travel is not advisable.


Diamond Consultant, CityGold- Gold & Diamonds.

These digital business cards provide a good impression. It gives a professional outlook and helps in converting clients and never lose touch with them.

Karthik Kumar Reddy Mukka

Senior Business Development Manager- Lido

When I manage brands associated with my enterprise, I can easily show all the details of those brands when I come across people, with a simple tap of my Scube visiting card.

Madhavv Maneklal

Partner Kyrptonic Enterprises

I have a very big network and keeping track of all the contacts is easy with this business card. I don't have to fill in individual fields of my details in someone's contact list with this visiting card. One tap and all the required information is passed on without exchanging business cards.

Manoj Bhatt

President, State Ayurvedic Trust

It is the size of my credit card and fits easily in my wallet. The visiting card design looks classy and is easy to use. It displays high-tech features but is simple at the same time.

Nukala Raghuveer Reddy

Director - Purchase Srivijitha Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

SCUBE business card is the perfect choice for me! I interact with many people on a day-to-day basis and I need to give out many business cards, which the customers lose. After getting the Scube business card, I don't worry about my normal business cards getting over and the hassle of re-printing. Thank you Scube!

Venkat Gunturu

Sales Lead

I don't have to worry about carrying bulky business cards at an event full of opportunities. One card is enough to make sure that I am not lost among others.

Rusthem Rehman

Field Marketing Specialist RedBull

Good buy! I use the Scube digital business card app to store all my contacts instead of stocking up many visiting cards, all my network contacts can still be retrieved from the App as it has Cloud storage.

Sneha Mokashi Gunturu


Simply the best way to share contact information. From phone number to email ID, social media accounts and anything else, all in a single tap with my SCUBE business card. Hassle free way to share and maintain contacts. The best solution ever in visiting card design. All the answers on a single digital business card platform!

Hima Francis

Entrepreneur & IT Professional

Very useful ! When I meet people I can share my portfolio instead of my business card, I simply tap my Scube business card to their phone and my portfolio opens up directly in their phone.

Ananya Mehta


It is easy to immediately show my resume on spot, with just a tap. It's a simple and very useful business card.

Roshni Singh


I don't have to worry about sending my resume across and missing email IDs. I just added my LinkedIn to my profile and when I tap SCUBE business card to a phone, it shares all the necessary information without the need of internet.

Varsha Kantamani

IT professional

I don't have to worry about my business card being thrown away. It gets directly stored in the other person's phone or in their Scube App. There is no way for my contact to get lost among others.

Rishad Musthafa


Love the novelty of the card, it perfectly compliments the work that I do and sets the tone right with the impression it creates. The card itself has a premium feel to it, and as for the tech front, the team has been absolutely amazing with any help needed. What impressed me most is the teams attitude of keeping their ears close to the ground and welcoming all the feedback given! Kudos team Scube, keep it up

Farhan Jimmy Mistry

Innovation Officer, Della Group

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