SCUBE – Smart Digital Business Card
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Switch to Efficient Networking

Move on from traditional visiting cards. Make way for more business opportunities.

  • One tap to share

    All it takes to share information, is a single tap. Tap your Scube card on a smartphone to connect instantly.

  • Track every connection

    Easily track every single time you share your information on the app

  • Switch profiles on the go

    Whether you're sharing your LinkedIn, Instagram or company profile, switching between each of them is one tap away.

  • Limitless design customization

    Your Scube card can be completely customized. Add your name, designation, company logo in any font of your choice. Make it yours.

Why Scube?

There's really nothing like your very own Scube visiting card, and here's why.

Configure your digital business card

Just download your Scube app, configure your card and you're all set up. Now, just tap your Scube card against any smartphone and begin networking.

SCUBE came as an absolute wonder to me. I just love to see my customers and other associates' reactions when I do my “magic” trick with my SCUBE visiting card. Very easy to set up and use! Keep up the work Team SCUBE!

Stalin Sabastian
Chief Senior Manager
Porsche Centre, Bangalore

Update Once. Update All.

Update any changes in your profile, from contact information to designation details, in a click and stay connected with your network.

I don’t have to reprint hundreds of business cards to make a small change in my contact details. I just have to edit the profile details on the App and tap the card to my phone. It’s that simple!

A.G.M - Byg Brewski Brewing Company

Switch between profiles seamlessly

Want to keep moving between your work, personal and other profiles? Just create multiple profiles on the app, and activate the one you want to use.

Scube card is a convenient, super easy solution to pass on multiple profiles. They also show you the best business card design !

Dr. Gargi Bangar
MD (Paediatrics)

Location based networking

The geo-tagging technology in the app, brings to you the resources and opportunities near you. Grow local, stay ahead.

It is a convenience to have the geo-tag feature on the Scube App. Now I can find associates near me for my business. It’s of great help when a visiting card transforms into a networking business card, especially during this pandemic where travel is not advisable.

Diamond Consultant
City Gold and Diamonds

Choose your Scube

Pick the Scube card of your choice and take your networking to the next level.


Starting from


  • Customize Name
  • Customize Company Details

White Label

Starting from


  • Executive Feature +
  • Customize Fonts
  • Custom Logo
  • Custom Text

Social Card

Starting from


  • Any one Social Media Icon
  • Customize Font

A Scube card for every need

Customize your Scube card to reflect every side of you. Switch between each of these profiles with just one tap.

  • Your Business card

    Share your professional contact information at every business opportunity that comes your way.

  • Your Profile card

    Every person you meet is a new network waiting to expand. Connect with them on LinkedIn with a single tap.

  • Your Social card

    Become the next big influencer. Grow your following with the Instagram card that takes them straight to your profile.

  • Your Music Card

    Whether it's your favourites playlist or your own original music, make sharing it a tap away with your Spotify card.

Multiple Profiles